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Peer to Peer Money Lending
Business Advisory and Consultancy
At Side Micro Credit, we understand that any thriving business venture will at some point in time need financial support for growth and expansion. Our doors are open to all levels and types of business seeking easy and convenient access to credit at competitive interest rates aimed at growing the businesses of our cherished customers.

We understand Student life The high level of concentration needed for academic work can never be over emphasized. HUSTLE NO MORE! Let’s release you off the financial Struggle
There are certain things in life that can’t wait to be done later. At Side Micro Credit, we provide convenient quick loans to both salary workers and the self-employed. We provide quick loans to our clients to pay school fees, rent a place, start or support a business, purchase assets, or consumer goods and all other pressing personal needs.
Peer to Peer Money Lending.
Do you desire to lend to a friend or family member to support his/her business or for personal expenses and concerned about the repayment? Take advantage of Side Micro Credit PEER TO PEER LENDING
Business Advisory and Consultancy.
Side Micro Credit understands the needs of SMEs on critical business areas needed for growth. We have developed effective and efficient management solutions, tailor-made to solve persisting challenges of SMEs and propel them for growth Our team composing of professionals’ well-versed in accounting, finance and investment as well as business management offer advice, support and education to our clients aimed at promoting their individual financial empowerment and growth of their businesses.
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